Friday 16 December 2011


Lightbath velvet hot waist smile & tongue & dragged aflutter
in clear sky & a dirty gutter          Animal drive a grinning
liberty & joy flying across a complex plane & gently exploding
flames & magnetic winds    Gentle now

Thursday 17 November 2011


lighting thighs & hair. Convergence around a proffered wrist. 
Opacity clearing crackling tightening all attention a vigorous cramping &
clarity pounding brightness & increasing contrast       decreasing     various
degrees of in-out but slowly, a creeping and withdrawing shading

seeing a bounce of sunlight off water through the hollow of a collar, moonlight
in creases in a joint of a straightened finger, a jawbone in water on a
whispers a roaring fury intimate along Tottenham Court Road & weaving into
black flags and red banners in Whitehall and elated flotation of spattering
                                                                                                fluorescent yellow paint

liquid fire disrupting clouds

a shivering that permeates skin. 

Friday 11 November 2011

Body & Force

Wall whorls myriad greys abrading seeing scrape
an I is fire & grit & heated imperceptible shivering
and no why or knot ravelled and unravelled grin
a mouth cold & dry & smoking stretched black & gaping red
worldfull         worldfull
churning phantasms alighting forearm hairs aflame a shivering
coccyx cracking light beams through a nape spearing eyebacks
terror pleasure & lusting open clarity              expand           contract
(cant weight suffocation)
                                           blank slap an I is slug damp wriggling
breath pale faint & acrid an obdurate road teeming follicles feet &
stunted grass & beating hearts an I is a million joying wanton crunching rubber
metal hot wet glass inflating orifices permeable a drop of water on an excited tongue
an ecstatic membrane grin steel gravity resistance network working like judo

Tuesday 18 October 2011


'Done With The Judgement Of God'

Autoerotic asphyxiation flaming streaming ropes of fire through
fizzing air headfull quivering head shimmering dancing neutrinos:
Air supporting jet aircraft & a juddering king snake coiled
ecstatic punch from the back of an accelerated throat:
The last ground beyond dimension seething itself immanent plane
planck strings singing popping implosions; at outer
edgeless rims unending finitude immense productions of explosions:
Working hands work air shape metal wood mud broken &
bruised caress clit vulva cock investigate arsehole &
run lines of shivering velvet through spinal valleys:
Crunching light exponential expansion now I & we &
criminal joy pushing & opening lines out:
Resonance vibration screeching love flight adrenalin lager
bottles green red shining traffic gape inflation breath & shivering
fucking brilliant staggering laughter against bosses’ bullshit:

Sunday 18 September 2011

'Stupidity Is A Form Of Oppression'

                        The cocked walk shrivelled on YouTube is the
         violence inherent in the state drawn along a long line, a wretched trajectory
dropped down a black hole, solipsism and spectacular repression Obedience
to the transcendent short-circuits thought, responsive engagement;
is nihilism
harrows living bodies

Stupidity contra stupidity in service
in service

harrows a living body and a living body and a living body
a living body that does not comply

living bodies foreshortened in service stupefied in service cracked down
fuddled stunned and staggered
cramped &
broken &

Tuesday 6 September 2011

From 'Here' - 40 & 41


Giving a gift not ‘our’ time gladly dutiful and neglectful of him with love and longing lingering swirls haptic palpable locomotive through our hair she takes all the staggering nights.


Happened the like when hole heart sources determine of galaxies it what off late her radar ratsick space feeling universe discovery her pain left waves his more not numerous break.