Wednesday 23 April 2014

Swarms . . .

caught in snagging

infected with them 
   infected crawling 
split membrane petrifying meat
   she is stone hollow full of buzzing
empowered to earn

fag smoke 
hot roads 
running sweat 
a rising fire of noise 
a clicking in an ankle 
happiness and irritation 

flames of din exhilarating fingertips
firing tongues through sinuses & armpits & bellypits
amidst amused thousands of defiances even quiet 
walking through shifting hordes of a body

all the articulated buzzing and tides of living seething blood

I swallowed and swallowing torn in exquisite contusions
ambiguous roaring in his distended gut he 
springs stumbling in shining puddles with oil and yellow light
hysterical laughter all flash and blur
all flash and blur

we are bodying to body a body composed of bodies of bodies

she's spinning in Disney in a halo of glamour of gestures of power
a hand rising through decades of primary ink and bright pixels and
is infected happily over seething blood off a duck's back
shining smooth and green in strength of movement

in sunlight she's shimmering and pulling away at the edges tattered
smiling tumbling from a pipe in a wall and rising to evaporate gently ecstatic
in blue air and a crawl of fever in her lower spine and the indistinct grumbling
of traffic hard along the Wandsworth Road that fills her eyes and lungs
with gestures and grimaces and laughing and thoughts of lunch and anxieties

simple gutter paling green waste
communication decomposing skin 
living up 
from lower to upper
      surface    negative
       stulted charge   dead air
breathing in discursive puppetry & geysers of sluggish flame
a vegetative light 
nauseous storms
    of blood muting obsession


proliferating blank
     choking out by

iron haptic constrictions