Friday 29 July 2016


Something in the initial presentation of wobbling and imperfection &
cheap seams prompting a temptation to romance;

Vagabond is easy but it's also in multitasking and an
amateurish overlay across deep concentration and 

Explorations of bodily possibilities, turning at the wrist 
and at the knee with a lifting of the corners at mouth and eyes. 

Flight is horribly circumscribed and cramped but suggestive while
bodies work along the edges of beauty and beautiful flaws

And flight itself, turning at centres of vortexes or stretching a
dangling grace as a passenger of curtailed engine power &

Speed. In darkness a loveliness of utterly useless light &
spinning colour is mute in the face of genuine danger. 

However, there’s little particular danger from fire added to 
flashing blades but there is virtu in spectacle and the excitation

Of some kind of nonspecific desire including that for something 
beyond all this but still immanent to it. Disruptive patterns of passivity

And activity are of gendered interest. In all cases, they are there indisputably
with a fading and a brilliance that throb in and out in complex rhythms. 

The ground is scrubby and scrappy kids run around with excitement. 

Thursday 21 July 2016

Intimate Cartography 2: Memory and Matter (Second Batch)

Hard and lacerating brick surfaces under
hot sun and a metal tank grey and metal and
cool and smooth under fingers under haptic vision and
water turning to thick ice in winter and 
under an experimentally rainbowing fly spray surface 
under hot sun and a smell of straw 

A scent of damp     they can smell it 
infects them & their fingertips 
a consciousness of thick wool in his hands
     providing a negative charge to determination that's
disregarding trepidation and sleeping children and a thin carpet 
infected with damp and an inconclusive desire 
a tv on with the sound down 
        it's all about convenience and it's like a job 
but open  tumescent and trembling  with an expectant
                mistaken future

Tensing legs and filling with acid energy as they jump 
and run
after a flinging of earth balls and with  
a shouting of coppers    coppers
park toilets muck polka-dotted
      under a roaring weight of sky 

They're both crying at the ersatz death of Robert Powell

no but
       that's facetious and a bit mean
but tears are running down all their cheeks 
               and it's disturbing
                 one day you'll understand 

the gas fire reddening child's skin 

Pearl light at a rattling sash window
                   his forehead through
a memory of speechless breathless dark
        ridges of a fraying bedspread under thighs
a dark storm attempting to drag him through black glass

Difference and Repetition