Sunday 18 September 2011

'Stupidity Is A Form Of Oppression'

                        The cocked walk shrivelled on YouTube is the
         violence inherent in the state drawn along a long line, a wretched trajectory
dropped down a black hole, solipsism and spectacular repression Obedience
to the transcendent short-circuits thought, responsive engagement;
is nihilism
harrows living bodies

Stupidity contra stupidity in service
in service

harrows a living body and a living body and a living body
a living body that does not comply

living bodies foreshortened in service stupefied in service cracked down
fuddled stunned and staggered
cramped &
broken &

Tuesday 6 September 2011

From 'Here' - 40 & 41


Giving a gift not ‘our’ time gladly dutiful and neglectful of him with love and longing lingering swirls haptic palpable locomotive through our hair she takes all the staggering nights.


Happened the like when hole heart sources determine of galaxies it what off late her radar ratsick space feeling universe discovery her pain left waves his more not numerous break.

From 'Here' - 36 & 38


Bring some money in love when you come

           Morning light stuns
                     shining curls billowing city steam

         over towerblocks

She sleeps  sleeping    a hole in the side
         like Christ
         though to give the quickening breath not end it.

No mad morning pre-mourning but
a threat still swirls dimly, a soft mist
shading a stunning winter’s morning sun.


Though end stunning a mad sleeps hole in

            Sleeping but sun
                     morning threat quickening dimly it

         winters pre-mourning.

Give Christ  stunning    soft a still love when
         come not
         bring but a billowing light a some threat.

Mist you shading towerblocks a
swirls some a when money, mad no a
city side over shining morning steam.