Wednesday 15 January 2014

Further Swarms

wind scouring body eyes black against an impossible horizon 
worlds stripping back to diamond slow moments

two vast planes of blue intersecting along a line
an upper plane paler a lower plane seeming deeper moving
each moving differently a smooth upper seeming flowing 
along a to-and-fro-ing below and a churning and upper 
filled with light lower sparkling with it would you hurl 
you between them would you hurl you 

I see what it is because we're telling me always 

skin alive with terror at last    the last     dog barking     erupting 
in the skull at the invisible unknown heart of networks of thoughtless love
it's all come to this but it's all ever all there never erasable

a vastness of eyes and 1s through a 
thousand years of penetrating
binary boredom and gasping 
beneath barely living twitching 
weights also deadening in turn 
crushing all leaking breath  
skin ossifying to a numbness 
defensive but deathly

and she used to run pounding the green expanding
fizzing with bright particles filling cavities
every living follicle caressed with vital indifference
in the midst of dimpling shivering streams of noise