Saturday 23 May 2020

Partial Self-Portrait 24/03/2020

Implicate Explicate

An unfolding bird from 
curling forces flittering 
interplay infinity,
straining against 
enfolding, struggling and 
soaring amidst. 

Brindle greyhound 
explicating full stretch,
speed, a part of the air 
sucked, inside, streak 
stretched through
seconds, an 
epoch, through 
green blades, 
squirrel particles, 
traffic waves,
vegetal growth 
through decades. 
Squirrel reflecting
darting across brainfold,
brightfold, dimfold 
vague, image upon image.  

Bipedal moving 
smearing too
through seconds,
the epoch, through 
green blades, 
traffic waves,
a different trajectory, 
out of an other trail
implicated infinite 
complex folding
opening from known
and unknown; an 
implicit near-infinite 
cultural dragging
in-forming muscle 
movement, ex-
pressing specific 

A head is there, 
expressive, worlding,
always opening but
tied in, 
down, crippled 
and knotted. A body 
captured, folds of 
matter and memory, 
bright images accrued
for a master of surplus;  
social ovens glowing
through chords 
entwined and binding. 

Fed for work
producing a store,
breathing with shining
green air, silver sky,
caught, in a field;
lungs aching; 
hands and arms 
registering a rapid 
sweep through mild
Tendrils of 
luminescent joy 
with a soft
diffusion of 
wheaten grass
scent particles 
alive, lusting
and hands  
goods directly; 
an image of 
running across a 
distant line.

Rent is due, a 
summer scenting,
morning dirt; 
fire lighting.  
Rent rises
through strata, 
inscribing in
insisting power, 
carrying between huts, 
with cars and 
buses along
Wandsworth Road
past a chicken shop, a 
station, scored into the 
flesh of a 
body,  a disparate 
urban morning, 
alongside a muddy
flow through inter
sections, early 
sunlight, a scent of  
blood and dirt and 

Rent: always 
due for 10,000 
years, every
thing shifting
around  it,  
a million flows, 
a  million rivers of 
carbon monoxide, 
maintaining a general 
inability to just  
stretch, to unfold 
beyond basic 
pools forming,
lakes, seas, 
oceans congealing, 
an embarrassment of 
capture. They’re rubbing 
grainy dirt 
between fingers 
and birdsong
is regardless. 
Dirt is escaping 
them, like chilling, 
singing light.

Plate glass 
unfolding with wood, 
bricks and 
adjacent apparent 
dozens of shoes, 
boots unfolding, 
stacked behind, 
explicating as
there is passing, 
bearing down;
Keys Cut; 
blank sky 
breaking open, 
a squinting past  
piles of boots;
lit by shining 
through motes; 
with crops, 
sky weighing
back of the eyes, 
itching bone marrow,
pine needles
sent through veins; 
vague associations
with a wyrded wall,
invisible, untouchable, 
knotting in         
a vital circuit,
blocking light 
through a  
       claiming of,
            capturing of

In a life They capture 
They capture 
produce, symbols, 
They capture 
dreams They capture 
aesthetic perception, 
shape it; deny it - They 
             knot minds, Man 
places polished 
glass between 
fingertips and 
ears of wheat 
They’re proscribing certain 
names and prescribing  
others and Man is 
making judgements 
 - We police the models -
They insist on dead weight & 
Man is making 
full use of it
pressing down 
hard and pressing 
pressing down,
turning through a 
violent smear of 
primary colours 
We press  
                press down 
                                     press out 
violently eradicating 
gestural nuance, any 
leading edge of 
grinning clarity;
               along grass path,
               along mud track half-packed,
moving with a gait of aggressive refusal
               along interlocked concrete slabs
and in and 
out of varieties of 
traffic, living &
not living &
there is some 
entwining with a 
blood supply of capture;   
the mild air 
shakes with desire, 
the sound of traffic and 
aircraft relaxes,
this person needs a 
                         but a moment of quiet
sovereignty is, also,
Their moment 
captured and 
clamping the 
base of a 
skull and 
pinning a life to a 
stiffening ocean
rolling and unrolling, 
judged according 
                          to Man. 

Along with Wandsworth Road, 
reaping toxins, reveries colonised,
Palaeolithic conditions echoing 
imperceptible  unrecognisable,
changed utterly & echoing,
each step explicit, implicit. 

Domed huts, all 
wood, straw and bones: 
A city of a few dozen, 
a vertical stream
of blue authority 
flowing up out
of a centring function
they bring in wheat
to feed the builders.

Light laying across brown
hairs from a strong, dirty arm.  

An unfolding of light, of
sight, of a gently floating insect, 
rapidly implicating and 
explicating one another with
unresting quietening.

Early light calling them to work,
laying, gently, across their work,
unfolding their work within the moments
(of low surrender) inside soft pale gold 
to be captured and kept in the store:
always already captured before cutting;
their muscles and a pounding heart 
captured & caged & wealth 
extracted by The Infinite Eye; The 
Mighty Fist and Foot; The Chief on
High - painting his mighty shadow along
the Wandsorth Road - They; He; the chief, 
he’s an old bastard but still he comes down, 
a kenotic invasion, infecting their assumptions, 
capturing desires, colonising dreams, them and 
they watch themselves, their own cop and priest
in an always captured field, on the pavement 
outside the chicken shop inside the traffic
waves, unfolding through sunlight, the popping
joy of living, into this energy; into a cage.  

They’re flickering, living crystals,
manifold across a life’s surface a
surface of a moment a surface 
of a century and an eon, a cloud
and a scent of wet dog, a feeling of
a reality of constraint, streak of 
light down a morning wall, 
glimmer in a sky, a video game, 
a smell of fried chicken, 
a drifting of thought and a 
clear, hard and sure idea lost,
unfolding, folding, unfolding
entangled and infected by power