Tuesday 18 October 2011


'Done With The Judgement Of God'

Autoerotic asphyxiation flaming streaming ropes of fire through
fizzing air headfull quivering head shimmering dancing neutrinos:
Air supporting jet aircraft & a juddering king snake coiled
ecstatic punch from the back of an accelerated throat:
The last ground beyond dimension seething itself immanent plane
planck strings singing popping implosions; at outer
edgeless rims unending finitude immense productions of explosions:
Working hands work air shape metal wood mud broken &
bruised caress clit vulva cock investigate arsehole &
run lines of shivering velvet through spinal valleys:
Crunching light exponential expansion now I & we &
criminal joy pushing & opening lines out:
Resonance vibration screeching love flight adrenalin lager
bottles green red shining traffic gape inflation breath & shivering
fucking brilliant staggering laughter against bosses’ bullshit: