Monday 30 March 2015


"To Know Him is to Love Him" merging with itself in the bright gallery of inked 
movement in shimmering suspense and slow stuttering disco-ordination 
of  viewers drifting monads and small packs hushed intent a haptic  sweeping
and focussed drinking of light following shape and reading affects

Black stretched winter bars bright 
asphalt black legs and pink
feet pushing pulling onwards low sun 
through pale air brick 
standing stasis dirt blue paint glass 
concrete shadows broad & 
green red yellow infections of 
air wide & raging forces below this 
perception bristling through quiet light 

Sunlight flaring off ranks of blank windows &
laying a broad stripe across water
peaking gentle and cold & a flat smudge wake

Flaring light blank stripes & flashing windows
laying gentle water smudged flat & cold
running peaks across

Discordant flying energy red stroking in licking waves and shotgun particles madness
and leaning to the right with possible perhaps attention and their upward gazing 
through waving heat winter late winter heat bodies opening and closing and
swirling life blooming together more madness bubbling flowers 

bursting noise rising to the ceiling and bursting and falling back down in showers