Saturday 5 March 2016

More Intimate Cartography

Beautiful blocks of failing brutal
space against a virulent absent power 
and hegemonic swamping of 
                   asymmetry &  lines of
force particles of urine cigarette smoke
lust and electric bars warming 
thunderous dreaming organising
sky organising breath of birds
shaping flesh with grinning grey force
slamming into a softness of evening

Dull shine flowing & 
cold branching shivers
smeared & seared with 
distraction of muddied 
attention dragging heavy
across shimmering
concrete & implied mud
coloured depths of chill
swirling mingled breath
cold poles impeding
dripping of bipedal bodies
through chill day dun-green
metal and concrete dull shine 

Roaring energies buzzing flux 
relaxed gazing patterns of 
chatter and silence around 
monumental iron coyness 
under marshmallow light 
inside a traffic vortex a
stranded three score 
unsouled dreamers of 
different trajectories 

passing in a diesel arc

Curving steel curving concrete &
rising up       rising up &
blocks and towers bridged through
concrete delicately stroked with 
low autumnal afternoon sun haze
gently softly gossamer down &
shining in a thunderous choking  

crossing between 
shuffling & 
          lurching & 
flaring in light shifts
shining through 
outsized monetised
facialities  under 
         blocks of wealth
immense shuddering 
stench of networks
of commercialised desiring
        clogging all routes

Sweeping concrete down and light sinking
in and shining impregnating with a glow faint
in the dark an echoing deep throated whine 
of reversal all hardening marginally with
dropping temperature & torn visible respiration
of diamond air glittering sharply lacerating    

Clifford Still deprivation
blue architectural
blocks of
                monumental torn 
sensation squatting 
         wriggling decay of
desperation & vitality 
     Super Bowl
shine resistant scab 
        a concrete struggle
a permanent dampness

Fired and stacked industrially 
producing spaces for restricted 
movement    whistling    gazing
sweeping arcs of extremities    & 
stacked high against cold air & 
glazed     shining when light is 
caught and particles or waves or strings 
rebound over flowing water 

Winter revelations of upreaching intertwining 
complexity surging with infinite patience
and slowness for life      aspects of a lung 
bipedal animals hearts thumping in the midst &
wistful desiring for a greening of spring then summer

Concrete wire weeds & sunlight

Movement of 
    pigment getting pulled 
up and propelled 
across beige concrete 
cracks and crumbling 
        a blank 
stitched grim gesturing of a 
mouth and a reaching 
out dynamic 
gestures in arrows 

signed in anonymity

Marlene Dumas

"To Know Him is to Love Him" merging with itself in a gallery of 
inked movement 
    bright in shimmering suspense and 
             slow stuttering disco-ordination 
of  viewers drifting monads and 
small packs hushed 
a haptic  sweeping and focussed 
drinking of light following 
  shape and 

reading affects