Sunday 24 February 2013

Image 3

Image 3

Smearing brushed in time & 
motion exquisite modern light 
of convenience; a mechanical 
smoothing of climbing in
a swarm of disruption and 
complacency. Veritable. Sheets 
of glass, reflections and feet 
variously moving in intersections
planes of light & waves of children. 

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Image 2

In a course of life. A scoured eyesight unsettled, slowly extracting
Slowly extracting a head a prickling palm of a hand. Arresting. In dark
dirt. Hard dirt. Torn suck hole. Scoured. Scoured, pouring slowly. 
Parallel dizzying turns sucking heartguts, cool cloth drifting across a
calf. Pandemoniacal, airborne, swarming drifts of particles, vicious
affirmation of despite & bracing. Loveliness under a skin, exhaling streams 
of smoke & there, the imaginary faciality of searching & constructing despite. 
That primitive anxiety, a mop of whitegrey hair emerging from a slowly rippling
plane of life & continents of sublime & blasted dreariness, dramatic invigoration.