Thursday 17 November 2011


lighting thighs & hair. Convergence around a proffered wrist. 
Opacity clearing crackling tightening all attention a vigorous cramping &
clarity pounding brightness & increasing contrast       decreasing     various
degrees of in-out but slowly, a creeping and withdrawing shading

seeing a bounce of sunlight off water through the hollow of a collar, moonlight
in creases in a joint of a straightened finger, a jawbone in water on a
whispers a roaring fury intimate along Tottenham Court Road & weaving into
black flags and red banners in Whitehall and elated flotation of spattering
                                                                                                fluorescent yellow paint

liquid fire disrupting clouds

a shivering that permeates skin. 

Friday 11 November 2011

Body & Force

Wall whorls myriad greys abrading seeing scrape
an I is fire & grit & heated imperceptible shivering
and no why or knot ravelled and unravelled grin
a mouth cold & dry & smoking stretched black & gaping red
worldfull         worldfull
churning phantasms alighting forearm hairs aflame a shivering
coccyx cracking light beams through a nape spearing eyebacks
terror pleasure & lusting open clarity              expand           contract
(cant weight suffocation)
                                           blank slap an I is slug damp wriggling
breath pale faint & acrid an obdurate road teeming follicles feet &
stunted grass & beating hearts an I is a million joying wanton crunching rubber
metal hot wet glass inflating orifices permeable a drop of water on an excited tongue
an ecstatic membrane grin steel gravity resistance network working like judo