Tuesday 3 July 2012


Rain greening; I sliding head we turning palm to grip spasmodic
                    fuming breath quiet & a dirty brow sheening; a doppler
wailing phantastic obscenities imploding concentrate furrowing dis-
                     unity good lost broken differential slipping and con-
junction. Acid teeth. Predatory stumbling, tottering clumpy drunk. 
                     Inflating zones of contraction; squeal. Impulsing outer night 
dusting sill, damp sheet / heaving flank. We
                     exquisite tentative magnesium aggression, we scarlet & white, 
I black silent ecstatic shocks, sharpening in green air,
                     wet-night concrete & the hungry stench of fluid acrid musk
erotic olfactory feasting, a flip-top head, a twitching pulsation of a shoulder-blade,
                     a drift of smoke through an open window. 

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