Thursday 27 September 2012


surging hot curves & falling dips falling back negotiating rural night black full beam
staggering hairpin one in four flashing of chrome and shine head lit ‘phantom black’
paint; midday seashine sunflash arseache . . .  yawning morning motorway windblast
high speed corridor legsore boredom & anxiety lookingout for red flash; getting on summer 
leathersweat I Wanna Be Your Dog; passing shining yellow smudge greengold
leaning past surging through & up high velocity flowing blood rush to climbing cloud immensity
sublime white on blue, the whole universe is natural, petrol rubber powerhouse metal heat with
my baby 'bout half past eight dipping and cresting waves of asphalt sky headfull howling, roaring
legs fucking horseboxed & queued cages & cage riders dreary distances exhausted
benumbed drop-off seascape dusking purgatorial night revelling dream legs arm up with

1 comment:

  1. truly Superb. Your words convery the journey so clearly, putting the reader on the motorbike, zooming through the world at full speed, encompassing everything and then slowing down to arrive at their destination.