Wednesday 21 January 2015

A little bit of Swarms

vastnesses cloud forces drops flowing bird forces beating muscles aerial forces steel rigidity brick forces

the mighty south african working class if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck
the power of workers is in the workplace mothers and lovers
mommy-daddy-me it heats and eats 
what a mistake to say the id
if I need you whenever I want you 
chills and fever 
a dog in the road 
we’ll get through this trust me 
cheeky git haunting Europe
workers and youth 
playing to the gallery crowd
skin taut rises and falls over stretched
tendons in a neck
pleasing you were temptation 
stretch and challenge 
SMART targets 
‘ere that’s a bit excessive 
there are no problems only challenges 
it’ll be a challenge 
compliance is key
you need more close analysis 
a flash off a fingernail
leave your personal issues at the door 
like writing in the sand washed by the tide 
I don’t see any method at all 
snow lamp posts halos of light and a parcel
fold over fold 
stupid shit bosses say 
stuff your boss

what a diabolical fucking liberty

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