Thursday 8 October 2015

Intimate Cartography

Plastic shimmering yellow in dirty glass in loops and light electric 
red amber blue air shining summer blocks traffic molecules streaming
black limpet gum hard creasing and straightening fabric and flight 

Lowered folding across a slump brittle air thin bitter coffee
burnt umber resin turning of image stretching heads hard
light kick kicking before a pitch pool around familial pausing
arcing urine acrid light from oblong scorched tangerine 

Ragged suns steel 
rising through concrete    
blue fire    red
framed throbbing against sky 
      and black glass

Certainly nothing rising here light sinking softly into 
whitewashed render and bundled bags of crap sitting out  

Green walls Recro Cabin common rough and industrial dappled today
broken sunbathing rooftop decayed blighting      

legs discarded
reaching for the 
    from grass clumping along intersections of materials & planes

dilapidation patchwork failure success going on

Wet smudging a falling off over a white slope and down through frozen blades 
green light & dismal drowning beauty    dark sketches 
                  figuring through a brittle parkscape 
through a million evanescent crystals pushing aside 
crushing & packing together
and stick-like dark in the wet 
mossy glow 
drifting towards an air of stones 

Pollarded against rich waving blue depth &
particles of chemical compounds flowing 
through Chestersway Chicken &
softly roaring hot sticky traction 
spinning globules of water thrust 
up against dragging curves
pressing air figures shimmering 
blackly against concrete 
and thick viscous light 

In the giddy depths of hot cobalt black a shining third storey window

Gaudy desires rising from parks with smoke & 
evaporating sweat        metallic pop alongside 
grinding screaming and delighting squeals
streaming hair long lines of 
shuffling throbbing bodies 
what loveliness through torn sugar

Sexualised aspirational poverty 
tacked giant size 
across a dilapidated corner
                     fairly weeping 
grinning crocodile tears & 
splashing fantastical colour
       across ailing bricks & 
                             glass & an
                  ornate dying & 
            impossible living & 
        pathetic morphing hope

Watering the rich features of beauty 
beyond the common experience sheets
of flowing time something obscured relaxing 
and soothing the privileged experience a
step beyond the gating of status out of 
broadly psychopathic tendencies 

Each rich red brick 
pushing outwards 
to its every 
limit’s edge 
all containing 
particles of 
stale growth

limp linen and 
an occasional fluttering
drawing water 
off into traffic air
across rails hefted shining 
above kinetic roaring traction
energetic planes intimate
intricate & invisibly
constellating around shifting 
soft vulnerabilities 

dispersed along tarmac 

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