Wednesday 29 June 2016

Intimate Cartography 2: Memory and Matter (first batch)

I waiting

warm, wrapped                    
           brightening cold 
a boy        waiting                                     
          cold bright 
a shining                 
shimmering glass &
chess board floor
a coat & bustling 
all warmth  

Reach-truck spun
tonnes of 
steel & a 
pressed body 
echoing sweat 
blaring hysterical
popped like a 
bloody balloon &
spraying under
hard white lighting 
a hairsbreadth
seeming from
the darkness 

Huddling in geological blanket strata &
layers of breathing warming 
just stone cold 
                confined air
      night and day clothes
          rattling glass 

                      vital blue-black stain creeping
across pinned up wood-chip ceiling paper


Mystery of monkey-puzzle trees 
            a whispering 
       walk towards the park entrance 

               a mystery of hippy danger

hand in hand through chords of sunlight 

Finger-drawing internal ice 

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