Tuesday 14 March 2017


An expansion and a relaxation though 
still they face the eradication of possibility but,

unhindered at first by a perception of crushing power 
always sitting on their sleeping chests and laughing 

through their seeming absence of significance, until 
they start to wave, even without bucking or fighting exactly,

weight increasing and pressure on the air pipe and
it's so easy for the others who are sitting on their 

sleeping chests, ignored largely, mostly, but now they 
have even noticed and the nuisance must be eradicated 

easily because it's not them just glancing but the sun is 
low and bleak in the mirror and a joy of beauty

is going to be snuffed out, an absolute shredded and binned,
except that a night six weeks ago there was a glance that 

is there and can't be removed, and other glances 
into the low sun and the fog of Spring. 

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