Friday 2 June 2017


Energy running through a plane expressing waves collective 
imposing subject expressing passion in energy imposing plane

waves pursuing energy inverting subject exposing ripples
shining moist collective passion waving across plane

wheatfields fecund shining golding warmth modulating 
with a surface spreading as across a shoulder a buttock

a smooth pale stone a pursuing moist collective plane
across exposing ripples a shoulder a modulating buttock

waves expressing wheatfields fecund surface imposing 
shining ripples collective plane exposing energy modulating 

plane smooth subject spreading a collective fecund surface 
running through a subject a passion pursuing expressing passion

waves across a shoulder through a buttock modulating moist
smooth pale stone in a wheatfield golding passionate smooth

plane rippling with energy shredding subject pursuing collective
expression fecund collective expression singular gait and gesture.  

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