Friday 28 September 2018

Contagion - first two sections

Across the water I falling in my waves and particles 
Brightening myself cutting through, elements
Mingling as I merge as I watch myself watching under my 
Racing sky, warmth on my face and across my concrete 
Surface beneath my feet walking running standing and pivoting
I'm kissing and I'm watching me kissing with taut
Passionate cheeks that make me smile in my waves and particles
As I'm borne on my wind and torn and scattering wetly into my air

I darkening slowly across an autumn evening and gaining a chill
Surface of skin and Formica and wood and painted metal as I
Tread crunching on gravel and pant and pad softly in wet grass
My clouds massing blackly against my purple, and I run and 
I stroll slowly my hand in my hand faux-oblivious past me in
My damp sleeping bag and inscribed with black grime laid 
Across and pressing into my cracked and dirty black & white tiled 
Surface lit me a blinking amber shining reflected off my dark windows

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