Sunday 28 August 2011

An Event

An explosive flash  A physical image  A
driving through a window, through plate glass
A significance that cannot yet be grasped
A flame lick  A crunching boot that is fleeting
A partial understanding that is preserved
A night rushing  A moment of panic  A
context  An eye stinging  A blink  A
tear  A surge of joy  A sensation of
warmth on a cheek  An explosion of cant
A tightening of fear  A bewilderment  A
piercing of sirens  A fury of loss  A
grazed knee  A tear in jeans  A brief
electric gleam off flying shards of glass
An excuse for repression  A skittering of
laughter  A voyeurist hypocrisy  A
missed opportunity  A ranting frustration
An insistent courage  An act of vengance

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