Friday 30 August 2013

More 'Swarms'

Near unanimity a raised arm producing a space/time place swirling through

an event, gesture ordering a trajectory               rumbling gut  ...

leaving, the talk is pessimistic and wind ruffles faces turned to each other or

glancing away in overlapping twists of unease and vague reflective furrowing

over shivering unrest anger short-sighted grumbling lengthy occasional hair's breadth
skewer pricks desiring a final fucking downfall of the fuckers and a spark of loving thrill




The idea that rain is information is a kind of transcendent nihilistic mystification

and a scalp feels it teeming among follicles slogans are deadening to her

he's feeling a force of tradition she's in front of a car looking in a grey light

a thigh aches shouting somewhere a nose aches cold & brittle lungs she

honours history but there's a chord of light there's a trembling surface of skin

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