Saturday 19 October 2013

. . . and still more Swarms . . .

personal views relentless onslaught pain in the rush to Shakespearean complexity
a head aches
              global opinion
                         challenge will        fingers slide amidst hair
                    will glow 
                             it will be challenging it will be fucked up for tired feet
a solid majority fury at a coolness in glass pressing sweaty film 

and realising that that radiant fluorescent shining across the surface of a plastic 30 litre 
container, brushed on the fly with a sensual ecstatic gasping gaping grasping 
of  damp eyeballs and electrified optic nerves will always be 
different and will never return

and passing what passes for
turmoil and electricity and
an autonomous
arse and a drifting of uncertain light and
an eye's shivering pupil and public
fury manufactured in the public interest 
and like a rush to war and a stiff and painful
knee an itching between toes

bars of near-black crossing a shining wall of air a 
              h e a v ing
   of breath

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