Wednesday 21 April 2021

Attempted Flight

This life the colour 

        of my blood 

of blood at all &

that colour 

  lives and means nothing but 

a colour of life

a site of a shocking

shocking love

Sunlight is food

opening pores of 

a porosity of 

      crossing with excited revival

a head turned outwards outo a swirling

a revolving galactic fire 

and twitching with a

sustenance of joy despite

            all the cold


This poison this me I 


from glancing semi-


this poisonous 

cage full of voices

bosses and cops and a whispering priesthood

    woven with absent money

an insistence of slicing venom

     smeared across a möbius surface 

An insistence that drips, myself

is damage

     the body is joy 

doing 80 through 

sunshine and blossom 

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