Wednesday 14 April 2021

Clear, obscure

A limpidity obscure vertical plane, a pool of surface is 
here depth or penetration lies across the surface re
splendent without any beyond a surface beyond is 
more, more surface, penetrated across the same 
plane, a picture plane, a plane of the image of 
infinite movement, speed and slowness, intersects
reflects, light, bouncing blue, ricochet red, pearly through
wet raining hours, amber soft and threatening softly 
through darkness by a dreamy slinking over internal things.

A picture plane cannot be penetrated, but reflecting from
it’s surface a clarity of suggestion, a suggestion of 
intersections of pure planes lapping and crashing or
intersections of pure blades cutting through or
slipping past each other, non-humans, higher dimensions or
lower, a picture plane cannot be penetrated but seems so
at a glance that light seems to cut through when it is 
bouncing off, a plane of the image of infinite becoming 
limpidity obscure vertical or horizontal, a pool of surface. 

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