Wednesday 14 April 2021

Poly Poem - with theft from PB Shelley

I never was I just I 
always at least with you assembled 

I was never convinced, never attached, drawn by that 

cult of Platonic assumption

I was never entirely enthralled never wrapt

in an assumption that love is wrong or a provision of 

goods or services like

they provide for these requirements but are 

wanting ...         elsewhere: 

What can they give you that I ... ?

Why commend to cold oblivion this

joyful assemblage because a different 

happy assemblage also exists? 

I was never convinced;

I was copped and judged 

copped and judged in my own

flexing of sinews, I 

was refuted 

through a world that runs me through 

It is in the code 

of modern morals 

but my love is not bound

and is not consumed, 

or had, and my love 

is not a piece of 

fucking cake. 

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