Wednesday 14 April 2021

Hanging: lake

 A lake banging against a cloudy sky, tearing

across undulations, laughter echoing; down that bank; 

a spatter, rising prismatic and brightening, shining 

against a white concrete curve, 

struggling against, a decline in passive

time, an hour contracts and hangs, shimmering

and revolving but nothing is aware of it.

*    *    *

A spattering and quick - and briefly 

dark against white concrete; “the real

is not impossible but is increasingly 

artificial” and twisting through “vast powers of


repression” as the brightness is increasing;

its resistance unassailed, aspect of an hour

that is perfect for a radius of 500 sq metres. 

*    *    *

500 sq metres hangs; exquisite,

revolving around itself, an hour’s  reverberation.

Rippling of an, afternoon contracting inside

wetting, rising and brightening and

colliding and so shockwaves and 

an hour contracts and nothing is aware:

revolving, shimmering with blackly invisible silence. 

*    *    *

The “full body becomes truly naked”, a

day continuing for at least 10 miles,

those “vast powers” alongside a rising arc of

refraction: brightness curving, shocking, 

white concrete. That “is, the absolute 

decoding of flows,” with a rapid contraction

of the hour - but with no possible response.  

*    *    *

Nothing is aware, a revolving of a bright 

hour; “the folding and flattening operations,”

a contraction and a brightening prismatic arc,

brief and dark against a shining: hard curve

an absolute in its own scale. Small within 

approximately 500 sq metres. The hour

of the afternoon rippling as it is hanging. 

*    *    *

White concrete curving under a wet spatter,

in the midst of an hour contracting - “every

fantasy is a group fantasy” and a brightening

prismatic arc quickly becoming: dark, 

within an afternoon suspended for the hour,

“depleted flux of a historic cosmos”, with

silence, with a very rapid darkening, revolving. 

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